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Jun 30, 2018

Here is the audio from the recent PANRE board review at PCT PA program.  Can you learn from this system? 


This is why I will never stop... ths is an email I received this week: 

"Somehow, your teaching technique allowed me to subconsciously retain enough concrete information to select the most "correct" answer when I literally saw no answer at all, as correct. Instead of calling an answer a "guess", after your course I refer to picking an answer, as a "subliminal" selection.

I believe, your creativity in teaching and communicating pertinent information is a gift. A truism is that gift cannot be duplicated. To be able to stand and teach energetically for 8 plus hours a day is beyond a normal person's stamina. Only a "gift" can provide that type of stamina.

This is the 4th PANRE I have taken in this career as a PA. This is the FIRST time I have ever been a first time "PASS". My PANRE record was always…... fail/ 90 days later pass……6 years later Fail/ 90 days later Pass….6 years later Fail/pass etc.

I do not possess a sufficient depth of descriptive word knowledge to convey the gratefulness and thankfulness for your efforts on my behalf.

With greatest respect, gratefulness, and admiration I humbly thank you for your efforts on my behalf."